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Water sports


The entire coast of Cadiz is waiting for you to get into, live and enjoy yourself to the full. Many water sports and sea activities for choosing and lots of fans of to share your sea adventures with all along the coast of the province

Sports on and below the water. Cadiz is ideal for all kinds of water sports. Our secret? A most suitable weather, sea and wind conditions

The coast of Cadiz is one of the best areas in Spain for surfing and all its variations: kite-surfing, windsurfing, paddle-surfing, bodysurfing, even scuba diving. The best season for enjoying these sports is from November to March, but you can do these sports all year round thanks to Cadiz's geographical location and its wealth of sun, waves and fantastic weather.

Whether you're a professional, a keen amateur or a beginner, the beaches of Cadiz offer you the most excellent conditions for starting out in water sports. Most of them offer low waves and the beaches are not hazardous thanks to their sandy bottoms and absent currents

Go ahead and try out the Atlantic!


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