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Average length: 3.900 m
Swimming conditions: moderate waters

Located in the outer limits of the line of fortifications of the city of Cádiz, known as such for the defense works carried out during the 19th century. This beach preserves the only stretch of a sand dune system within the municipality, protected in some areas by fencing and retaining walls. The sand dune ridge extends along the beach up to the Torregorda military base. On its shore, a rocky shore platform runs along the entire coast and completes the recognizable picture of the Playa de Cortadura. In the section closest to Playa Victoria, next to the fortification wall, there is a channel where you can practice water sports throughout the year.

Among the sand dunes, next to Torregorda, is the La Gallega Lagoon, an interdunar depression with fresh water that has been revived for the breeding and rearing of amphibians.

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