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Average length: 4.300 m
Swimming conditions: calm waters

The Playa de Levante is located on the Toruños spit bar within the Bay of Cádiz Natural Park. Surrounded by natural marshes, its sand is home to one of the largest nesting areas in Europe of the Little Tern (Sternula Albrifons), a marsh bird known for its fishing skills. In addition, it contains nests of other species such as the Kentish Plover (Charadrius alexandrinus). Each year voluntary community service is carried out called "The secret of the Playa de Levante," dedicated to carry out protective measures and disseminating environmental values among visitors. If accessed from the network of trails within the Metropolitan Park, beware of the nests! 

It is one of the most frequented beaches for kitesurfing, its orientation and prevailing winds favor the learning and development of this sport.

Corredor Verde - Dos Bahías

Con sus 93 kms. el Corredor Verde dos Bahías discurre íntegramente por cañadas de la provincia de Cádiz, siguiendo la dirección noroeste-sureste, desde Puerto Real hasta Los Barrios, atravesando los términos de Medina Sidonia y Benalup-Casas Viejas.

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los toruños

Metropolitan Park of Los Toruños and Pinar de la Algaida Marshes

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La iglesia Mayor Prioral

Its construction is dated to 1486

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Cuna de Rafael Alberti.

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