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Punta Candor


Average length: 1.300 m
Swimming conditions: moderate waters

With few buildings around it, restored and revegetated, this beach retains the charm of a natural environment. Its elevated sand dune system, covered by dense coastal vegetation, prevents inland visibility and provides the beach with an intimate climate. The area known as Punta Candor is found in the southwest end. In addition to giving the name to the beach, one of the main beach accesses is found there as well as the majority of the amenities. 

Due to the ecological importance of the area, the Ministry responsible for the Environment instituted a vegetation regeneration and protection plan for the sand dune system, installing retaining walls to hold the sand in place, planting native vegetation surrounding the dunes and installing a raised beach access.

Jerez de la Frontera: siente el arte

Las bodegas, las bulerías y el arte ecuestre forman parte de su esencia, tanto como las casas palacio, los tabancos y el Alcázar.

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