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santuario nuestra señora de regla

Average length: 1.100 m
Swimming conditions: calm waters

The Playa de Regla extends from the Chipiona lighthouse along the entire promenade. Named after the shrine that is located in the central part of its promenade. The high rate of iodine in the water that bathes the beach is the origin of the belief of their curative properties. Therefore, the first maritime sanatorium in Spain was founded here, the Sanatorium of Santa Clara (at end of the 19th century, beginning of the 20th). With plenty of amenities and restaurants, a wide stretch of dry sand and a sandy bottom, this is the beach most frequented by tourists and locals alike in the municipality. A good place to enjoy swimming and sun with the family.

Every September 8 the Virgin of Regla, patron saint of Chipiona, begins her procession from her shrine facing the sea. During the previous days there is an evening event that symbolizes the end of the summer season.

El Imperio del Sol

En la vibrante Chipiona hay un sol que nunca se pone. El faro de Chipiona, el más alto de España con 62 metros, señala permanentemente un punto clave para la navegación.

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