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Sancti Petri

sancti petri BEACH

Average length: 2.000 m
Swimming conditions: moderate waters

This beach is located in front of the Sancti Petri Castle and next to the stream of the same name, its sand moved by strong tidal currents of the area. A landscape full of different elements in which sand dunes, marshes, a fishing port and rocky platforms cover the land. The beach is divided in two sections. Most of the amenities are to the north of the breakwater. It’s also the best swimming area. The area to the south of the breakwater is known as Playa Punta de Piedras due to its rocky bottom. It’s bordered by a reddish slope which turns into a system of protected sand dunes, connected to a coastal pine forest. You can access this beach on the road that leads from the Port of Sancti Petri. The village of Sancti Petri is a traditional place of fishermen engaged in bluefin tuna fishing using the art of almadraba. In the village there were as many fishermen’s houses as canning factories until 1973 when the practice of this art in the area was brought to a close. There is currently a nautical club, fishermen's associations, some restaurants and places to rent equipment for nautical activities.

Playas con Historia

La provincia de Bética era para Roma un lugar estratégico en sus extensas rutas comerciales.

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