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Sanlúcar de Barrameda

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FFGo into Doñana


cross the river Guadalquivir

It is tricky, sailing or driving a 4 wheel-drive vehicle instead of walking! From Sanlúcar de Barrameda you can cross the river Guadalquivir on board the Real Fernando vessel to go into the Doñana national park, a boat that pays tribute to the first steamboat built in Spain covering the river line Cádiz- Sanlúcar- Sevilla.

The Real Fernando docks different places of the park “Entorno de Doñana” until reaching the huts of the village la Plancha, inside the national park. During the trip: breeze, fresh air, salt marshes, marshlands, wild boars, flamingos, grey herons… Do not forget our binoculars! The vessel is docked at Bajo de Guía, in front of the centre “Fábrica de Hielo (ice factory)”, which offers a very interesting exhibition of the richness of Doñana.

You can also cross the large river of Andalucía – Arabians called Guadalquivir – on a typical iverboat and go all over the park on anall terrain vehicle with a guide, who will tell us why this so beautiful ecosystem is unique. The Entorno de Doñana” Natural Park extends along the banks of the river Guadalquivir in the province of Cádiz and it is rotection belt for the Doñana National Park, placed on the other side of the river.



El parque natural “Entorno de Doñana” se extiende por la ribera del río Guadalquivir en provincia de Cádiz y constituye un cinturón de protección del Parque Nacional de Doñana, situado al otro lado del río.